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Mother Terasa Polytechnic College
Mettusalai, Illuppur-622102
Pudukkottai .Dt Tamilnadu

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      DCE – Diploma Computer Science and Engineering (DCE) In this modern era, computer are everywhere, home computers connected to the world through the internet, ATMs, Air Traffic Control Systems and lots more. A computer Engineer learns how to design and build such systems. The primary part of this learning process understands how computer work and then program them to our needs.
      Much important is given to practical training which lay great stress on “hands on” experience beside a song theoretical background particularly in the latest topics. Technical lectures by eminent professors and professionals are arranged on a regular basic to broaden the knowledge spectrum of students.
C and C++ programming lab
Multimedia Lab
Internet Programming Lab
Hardware Maintenance Lab
Software Development Lab
Compiler Lab
     Computing professionals might find themselves in a variety of environments in academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations - analyzing problems for solutions. Formulating and testing using advanced communications or multi – media equipment, or working in teams for product development.