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Mother Terasa Polytechnic College
Mettusalai, Illuppur-622102
Pudukkottai .Dt Tamilnadu

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      Mechanical engineers require a solid understanding of key concept including mechanics, kinematics, energy and manufacturing .They use these principles in the design and analysis of automobiles, aircraft, heating and cooling systems, building and bridges, industrial equipment & machinery, and many more. .
      The laboratories and the workshop in the Department give ample opportunities to the students of Mechanical Engineering to gain practical knowledge and hands on experience in the chosen areas. The Department focuses on overall developing of the students imparting soft skills through live projects, association activities, industrial visit, seminars, group discussion etc.
Thermal engineering lab
Dynamics Lab
Meterology Lab
Machine Shop (Lathe, Special Machines)
CNC Centre
Foundry Smithy & Welding Shop
Fitting and Carpentry Shop
Fluid Mechanics Lab
CAD/CAM Centre
      Mechanical engineers are employed in many types of manufacturing, fabrication, research and development and service industries such as Railways, Aviation Automobile industry, Power plants, manufacturing industries e.g materials, refined metals etc. Many of the IT industries also have CAD/CIM divisions, which increases the jop potential of mechanical engineers.